Chicken Cake Topper

I decided to make a copy of one of my chickens, Molly, as a cake topper for my own birthday cake. (Big number this year so I had a big party!)

I decided to make it with polystyrene balls for body and head, and a wire frame. I didn’t think I would want to destroy it by eating it!!

Then I began to cover the head and body with modelling chocolate.

 Great fun – I love this bit although I always get a bit mucky when the chocolate begins to melt on my warm hands!

I was going to make the feet out of the wire at the bottom of the legs but then realised there would be no way of fixing her into the cake (will need to encase the wires in food friendly medium first of course!)




So I added some wire claws and covered them in ‘white’ modelling chocolate which looks just the right colour for chicken feet! The original wires now go straight down into the dummy cake and make it fairly stable.


More modelling choc – made my own this time. Why have I ever bought it? It’s so easy to make and quite a bit cheaper! But the body is too slimline for a chicken… I added rice crispy treats to give the lucky girl a fuller figure.




More modelling chocolate to improve the shape and give a good foundations for the sugar work. And some crispy treat eggs too!

Covered her in fondant , added feathers and wings, comb, wattles, eyes etc, and some gum paste feathers I made some days previously, and she’s finished. Forgot to take photos of the last few stages! But here she is in all her glory!